Trustee Information

Abbreviated Profiles

Trustee: Monindarjit Singh, Chief Functionary

Monindarjit Singh brings over 25 years’ experience in operations management to the Trust, including 5 years on the board of directors of India Yamaha Motorcycles Ltd. He completed his B.Tech at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdabad. He acts as the Trust’s Chief Functionary.

Trustee: Hardev Singh, Treasurer

Hardev Singh is an internationally renowned, award-winning photographer specialising in architectural and interiors photography. He is deeply committed to Nishkam Sewa, plays a pivotal role in the operation and development of the Trust, and works closely with the Chief Functionary.

Trustee: Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet Singh has over two decades’ of experience in managing and executing large heritage conservation projects with important social welfare benefits. The projects have primarily been centred on 3 states (Bihar, Maharashtra and Punjab), often utilise the innovative concept of Kar Sewa and help impart valuable skills and knowledge to all-comers, irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

Trustee: Vijay Kumar Kapoor

Vijay Kumar has over 30 years’ of experience as an Architect, working on projects in India, the Middle East and Africa. He brings to the Trust the ability to envisage concepts and develop innovative detailed plans alongside his thorough understanding of and dedication to the Trust’s aims and objectives.