Patna Sahib Phase 2

Takht Sri Harmandir Ji, Patna Sahib, Bihar (for Mega Event ii) – Phase II

By January 2017, Phase I was successfully completed by GNNSJ India. Phase I completion photos:

The Mega Event of the 350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji took place in January 2017 and the celebrations lasted one year. Over this time period an estimated 1Crore pilgrims visited the Takhat. The Bihar Government highly commended the safety aspects of the work carried out including the demolition and restoration of old unsafe buildings and the restoration of car parking space in underground car parking which is required during Mega Event celebrations to handle the significantly increased number of pilgrims. The majority of pilgrims here are local Bihar citizens. This crucial safety aspect was also a significant thrust of the Phase II Work, the Heritage and Public Benefit works required for Saras Rai Jori, a Diwan Hall that can safely accommodate the annual influx of pilgrims for subsequent Mega Events. The project commenced 8th April 2018 when the foundation stone was laid in the presence of Chief Minister of Bihar, Sri Nitish Kumar Ji.