How do we Approach our Projects in Patna?

We are currently working towards two projects in Old Patna, in order to prepare for the estimated 5 million visitors expected between October 2016 and January 2017 to celebrate the 350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We approach our projects as follows:

Visionary: We believe it is crucial that we look 100+ years ahead and keep long term goals in mind to guide our development work.

“Whole-to-part” approach: Now, in the globalised 21st century we live in, local has become global and global is now local. Therefore all projects, no matter how local, have a shared responsibility to make a contribution towards addressing global problems. In order to do this, we must change our perspective, and look to address scenarios from “whole-to-part”, and see what greater impact our work can have. This “whole-to-part” approach leads us to first look at what contribution we can make to the wider Patna City Development plan, with projects 1a and 1b, before looking at the projects we are directly responsible for in project 2. This approach helps us achieve our Objective A.

Partnerships: As part of our “Whole-to-part” approach, we consider that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), developed by the United Nations as a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions, are very important. In particular, as a smaller charity, forming Partnerships and working together with people of all faiths, is a fundamental characteristic of our approach.

Professional Skills with Knowledge Transfer: All of our trustees have long distinguished careers in their chosen professions, and we engage with leading engineers and consultants, often on a pro-bono, Kar-Sewa basis. Not only does this help ensure the success of our projects, but allows us to transfer knowledge and skills to needy peoples, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or social status.

Economic and Health Benefits: By cleaning, beautifying and developing enhanced infrastructure in Old Patna city, we believe all residents and business owners will benefit in the long term, from increased hygiene, facilities and domestic and international tourism. This creates a befitting legacy for the values embodied in our work. For example, the River Ganga clean up and riverfront model project, including intended restoration of bathing Ghats will create safer infrastructure for the important regular Chaath Puja. This approach helps us achieve our Objective B, C, D and E.

Heritage conversation: We believe that whichever nations do not conserve their heritage, lose out in many respects. However, heritage conversation is not merely about preserving and enhancing buildings and facilities, but also the values, virtues and traditions these facilities embody. This approach helps us achieve our Objective D.

Community Mobilisation: We look to mobilise all communities in our locations of endeavour, to volunteer and work together towards common goals. For example, around Takhat Sri Harimandir Sahib in Patna, in the near vicinity there are Hindu, Jain and Muslim places of worship which will all benefit hugely from our projects in the area.