FCRA Responsibilities

Coverage of a NPO via sec. 11 of FCRA, its activities should meet three characteristics:

  1. Should be definite.
  2. These should constitute a program.
  3. These should have been specified (under FCRA). Only the area where all three overlap, is covered by FCRA.

Definite Anything that is clearly defined is called definite. Oxford dictionary defines this as ‘having fixed limits or form; determinate, certain, precise, specific’.283 In FCRA 2010, definite has been used as an adjective for programs. This means that the programs which a person undertakes should be determinate, certain, precise, specific. Our project propositions further within this report confirms  that our activities are a definite program .

The second attribute is that the person should be undertaking a program. Turning again to Oxford, we find that a program is ‘a plan or outline of (esp. intended) activities’.284 Oxford also tells us that this word is often colloquially used to mean ‘a planned series of activities or events’ which again is as per our report below in terms of activity.

Specified Finally, the definite program should relate to specified areas of activity. FCRA applies to the following programs (mnemonic CREES):

  • Cultural
  • Religious
  • Economic
  • Educational
  • Social

The Trust has authorisation from the Home Ministry for Cultural, Religious, Educational and Social activities. All our activities are undertaken within these areas and examples are presented next.

Examples of activities permitted for cultural or Religious organisations, which are undertaken by the Trust are highlighted below:

  • Celebration of national events
  • Maintenance of places of historical and cultural importance.
  • Celebrations of religious functions/festivals etc.
  • Construction or repair/maintenance of places of worship, religious schools