Indian Donations

If you are an Indian Identity holder, and would like to donate money towards our projects, please get in touch with us via email or phone below.

GNNSJ India was granted FCRA registration for a five year period commencing on 17th November 2017. Registration Number: 231661743. The nature of the activities are Religious, Cultural, Educational and Social

Donations Received

Jan-18GBP 150,000
Jun-18GBP 125,000
Sept-18GBP 175,000
Jan-19GBP 250,000
May-19GBP 300,000
Sept-19GBP 110,000
Nov-19 GBP 25,000
Dec-19GBP 230,005
Jan-20GBP 1886.83
Sept-20GBP 110,000
Oct-20GBP 115,000
Jan-21GBP 120,000
Jun-21GBP 125,000
Sep-21GBP 126,000
Nov-21GBP 95,000
Feb-22GBP 101,000
Apr-22GBP 150,000